Professional Soundproof and Moisture Barrier

jdb电子老虎机技巧perfect for house floors, silverguard does an excellent job reducing impact sounds as footsteps. you’ll notice the difference when walking your floors since it acts as a surface cushion to minimize the traffic bounce. plus it protects your floors from humidity and moisture underneath them, just as the soundguard.

STC 46             IIC 44

Moisture Barrier

The unique composition and construction of  SilverGuard provides it with Moisture Barrier qualities, not found in other underlayments.

Sound Reducing

Quiet your steps with SilverGuard. Rated at 46 in the Impact Insulation Class (IIC)  and 44 in the Sound Transmission Class (STC).


SilverGuard is engineered thinking about quality and lifetime. It features a revolutionary Closed-Cell Structure for maximum durability.

Surface Cushion

You’ll notice the difference as you walk on your floors. The multi-layered build serves as a surface cushion to minimize the traffic bounce.

Technical Specifications

Thickness 2 mm. 
Pieces / Pallet  32 Rolls
Sq.Ft. / Roll 200 Sq.Ft.
Sq.Ft. / Pallet 6400 Sq.Ft.
Weight / Roll 4 Lbs.
Weight / Pallet 192 Lbs.
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